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I'm sixteen, and scared... Advice please??

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I'm going to be alone for this, and I was wondering if any of you wonderful moms have advice, seeing as I can't really go to my own mom.

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Being 16 it is going to be really hard to be alone. I know your mom may be mad at first but if she really loves you she will except this. It will be tough and you will fight but in the end I hope you both can over come what has happened. Having a baby is a lot of work and energy and I could not imagine going at it alone. You need to make choices about how you want to handle this. Maybe adoption will be the best choice for you if you are not going to have a lot of support. You have school to finish
If you live at home you're going to have to tell your parents that you're pregnant. This isn't something you can or should hide. As far as advice goes, it depends on what you're planning on doing and what specific questions you may have. 
I really wish I could tell my parents... I'm also to scared to tell them. I've grown up being told that they would kick me out.And as for questions: Could I just go to a family doctor for the bloodwork stuff? And how long does it take for me to start to show? Adoption, how does that work?
it's not gonna be easy to tell them honey , i was 18 in my first semeseter of college when i found out i was prego. & theirs so much to a pregnancy that you can imagine my first 3 month were full of tears & being very scared. but you need a plan and a plan for money & a plan to see what your gonna do for your baby. you should just be very straight fwrd with your parents dont say antything like i have to  tll you guys something just tell them .while your doing dishes, i told my mom while i was folding laundry with her & she so didnt believe me b/c it was out of no where so i hope some of this helps it;ll be alot of weight off your shoulders when you let them know! (=
Parents often say things like that as a means of scaring their children into behaving the way they want them to. I think in most cases they don't really mean it and end up being supportive of their children.You can see your family doctor for your initial bloodwork and for pregnancy confirmation, but you will need to see an ob for real prenatal care.Everyone starts showing they're pregnant at different times. My mom was 18 when she had me and she says she didn't start showing unti lshe was about 6 months along. With my first and second babies I was around 4 months when I started showing, this time around I was about 20 weeks (5ish months). You may notice your pants getting tighter somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks and for a while after that you'll probably feel like you look a little fat until you actually start showing.If you're interested in adoption you should go through a reputable agency. Your doctor should be able to refer you to one in your area.
Thanks everyone! I'm planning on telling her soon....

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