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im so sceard and dont know what to do... can anyone help me???

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so iv been sent to the hospital 2 days in a row because im haveing verry high cotractions and alot of them 2-3 minnets apart they gave me a shot that redused my contractions but they were still consistant but they still sent me home then i went to my doctors today and once again i was having contractions and got sent back to the hospital but they sent me home again..... i dont feel my contractions at all the ony way i kow that im haveing them is when i go to my doctor and they put me on a moneter idk why the hospital wont just keep me im so sceard that im going to go into full laighbor and not even know.... what do i do can someone help me???

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it sounds like you may just be having Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are basically practice contractions. When you have real ones and are in labor, you will definitely know it. B-H contractions can often come with no pain or discomfort. The only way I know when I'm having them is because it gets a little hard to breathe and it feels like everything in my torso is tightening. Some women have a lot of pain and discomfort with them, others never feel them at all.The only time you really need to worry about contractions is when they're painful, your water has broken and/or your cervix is dilated. If the hospital keeps sending you home you're fine and there's nothing to worry about.

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