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im soo stressed & feel alonee:( any advice.?

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well i havve a 11 months old baby boy thats my life couldnt and cant live without him im 18 years old & me and my boyfriend dont live together just yet i live with my mom and he lives with his dad & mom well anyways at my moms i take care of everyone and another baby its so hard for me for school and to have to send my baby off with his dad and me staying to take care of the other kids no one helps me everyday i cook for everyone clean take care of my son and my brother and sisters make sure the kids get up for school the kids are bathed and ready for bed and i just fell so stressed like i have no time to sleep i dont ever ever get alone time well that all changed once i had my son and my boyfriend jus sleeps all day all he helps me with is when i need him to come for our son and thats it i feell like i have no one to talk to no one to just talk to so i ask any advice.? please:(

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Why doesn't your mom take care of your siblings? It shouldn't be your responsibility to take care of them as much as you say you do. As for everything else, I understand what you're going through. I'm a full time college student and full time mom of three. And, I'm pregnant with our fourth child. My husband does help a lot, and I'm grateful for that, but I still don't have time for myself. My time is taken up with homework and kids. It's rough. but, it won't last forever.and it won't last forever for you either. Go to school, even though it's hard. Then, you'll be able to get a good job and live on your own and will only have to worry about yourself and your son. You can do it, you just have to keep trudging along.
because she works from midnight to nine in the moring and my dad works from four in the moring to four in the afternoon and she goes to college during the day so since im the oldest one in the house she says that thats what i have to do because if i dont i get introuble and yeah i know it wont but its just seems so hard and my son gets mad when i have my little brothers and sisters because there are 3 in diapers plus my son so its just really hard and none of my brothers or sisters help me and when i tell my mom to tell them something she doesnt

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