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Im super late and having symptoms but neg test, pregnant or not?

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I havent had my period since Dec.23 ,2011 and im having mild symptoms, mainly just fatigue and nausea. Im 19 cannot tell my parents but have no other moms to ask ! Ive had negative tests but still no period and still nausea , cramping and fatigue.

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I would try to see a doctor. Have you been under a lot of stress lately? That can cause you to miss your period. If you have also lost a lot of weight you may not have a period also. I would go to the doctors office. You can just tell your mom you have a stomach bug and go in. They cannot disclose anything to your parents with out your consent. It has been over a month so I would try to get in to make sure nothing else is going on. And you really need to have an open relationship with your parents. I know it is tough but most of the time they will just be disapointed and a little mad. They wont throw you out. All you have to tell them right now is you are not feeling well and would like to see the doctor because you do not know what is going on. Once you learn what the problem is then talk with them.  You will need support if you are pregnant.
you should go see your doctor, your 19 you can go by yourself and it can be confidental and they can't tell your parent's that's what i did im 16 and i just resently had my son last month hell be 1 month in 1 week, you should go soon just incase you are pregnant they can make sure everythings alright and start you on prenatal care, also you should have a better communication with your parent's because i was the same way and now everythinng is getting better, yes they'll be mad but there's nothing they can do if you are just be there to support you.
Definitely go see your doctor or go to Planned Parenthood. You should get a blood test to find out for sure whether you are pregnant or not.
Well i left out a couple things, my parents live in Asia, I live in the US alone.
Yes your best bet is to go in. However if you get a neg test from your OB, but you still haven't had a period yet, ask for the blood test, or wait another week. I was getting negative H.P.T, but I was late. So I went into the ob for a test on jan. 27, and it was also negative. But my nipples were becoming tender, and thats one of the signs. So I went in again on feb. 1, and this time the test was positive. I was 5 weeks pregnant.  You said that your parents are in asia. Maybe close friends and or thier parents can fill in and help with the support, if you are expecting. Best of luck!  
Thanks guys ! I dont know if you saw my latest question but i am pregnant, im due late Sep.

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