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Im a tall women, has my baby dropped?

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Im 183 cm (6'0), and im trying to figure out if my baby has dropped. Shes always been low down and i havent ever felt her under my ribs or my stomach or other common things i hear from pregnant women. I have a long torso, and i have a slim build. my stomach is not so huge either and sits low down where if i suck in you can see my lower ribs still then the bump a a few inches below that. Im about 5 weeks away from my due date. I have pelvic pain now as ive had it on and off throughout the pregnancy and then especially when i walk and shooting pains in my belly...i assumed that was just from the strain on he muscles when i walk. Any other tall mums out there who might be able to tell me whether or not my baby has dropped, or how you could tell when yours did? My cervix is still pretty high up there...does it go lower when your baby drops? thanks!

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You can definitely tell when your baby drops. It's called "lightening" and it has that feeling for a reason. A lot of the pains and pressures you may have been experiencing go away and your belly feels lighter.

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