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I'm terrified, help?

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I'm seventeen years old. It's been one month since I had sex for the first time as well as unprotected. He pulled out before he finished, but I'm terrified I may be pregnant. I'm pretty irregular, but I mapped out the past few months and I have two start days: last Sunday and this Sunday. Should I test this weekend? I am in college but I also know there is no way I can support a baby and I do not want that responsibility to go to my mother or my boyfriends parents. If I am pregnant, what should I do and how should I tell my mom and my boyfriends parents. I've been having some symptoms, I've been more tired this week, my nipples look larger than usual, and I've been moodier than normal. I know some of these can be pushed aside as commonplace, but I need help and support and I don't know who to ask for help first. I am terrified of what my mother will think and what everyone else will think but I refuse abortion. I just need to know what the best route to take to break it to them if I am positive.

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No one on the internet is going to be able to tell you if you're pregnant - but chances are you're not.  While it's possible (you can certainly get pregnant even if your boyfriend did pull out before coming, because there's always some leakage prior to that event), it's not likely.  You can't test with an OTC pregnancy test until you've actually missed a period.  Since you're irregular, I'd wait until the second Sunday you think you might start your period, give it a day or two, and then test.  Any test before that is likely going to be inconclusive.  If you don't get your period, and you're still unsure, the best way is to have a doctor do a blood test.  If you don't want to go to your regular doctor, try calling the Planned Parenthood in your area - they'll help you out with that.  (They are NOT just for abortions!) Obligatory mom-speak now: please use this as a life lesson and USE PROTECTION FROM NOW ON.  Whether it's condoms or the pill or whatever, NEVER have unprotected sex again.  A baby is the least offensive result of unprotected sex.  If you are pregnant, you've got options.  Abortion doesn't have to be one of them.  Adoption IS.  (I'm an adoptive mother, I'm happy to talk about my experience on that end of it.)  Open adoptions are becoming the norm; making an adoption plan for your child doesn't have to mean you lose contact with him or her.  You're the birthmom, it's ultimately YOUR choice what happens to your child.  Talk to your mom.  Yeah, she's going to be mad/angry/sad/whatever.  But she might also surprise you, if you go to her and tell her you KNOW you messed up, and you're asking for her help/advice.  Your mom loves you, but I suspect she's been half expecting this conversation since the day you first noticed boys existed.  It'll be okay, whatever happens.  Good luck.

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