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im think im pregnant but my period came but it came late help please

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Me and my bf think im pregnant cause my period came late it came a week late and we had sex on the 17 of december and my period was surpost to come on the 22 but came on the 28 what does it mean and if i am how can i tell my parents with out getting yelled and having an abortion and i took two test saying negative but im getting bigger wht does it mean and what do i do

answers (3)

If your period came then its not very likely you are pregnant. If you think you still may be I would go to the doctor. You getting bigger could just be bloating from your period.
If you got your period, you aren't pregnant. I recommend that you stop having sex until you are older and are ready to deal with the consequences.
That's wonderful stuff you've written up here. Been searching for it all around. Great blog. Perücken

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