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I'm three months pregnant. Is it too late to have an abortion?

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i'd say so. and why get an abortion? have u thought about adoption?
No I dont want an abortion, but I needed this answered so my mom could see it. She wants me to have one because of health complications that i have. Thank you.
No I dont want an abortion, but I needed this answered so my mom could see it. She wants me to have one because of health complications that i have. Thank you.
well< I would first suggest that you look on the internet at all the bay development milestones week by week in your pregnancy, and see that baby developing, then ask yourself if that human forming is worth the pain and mental anquish you will have the rest of you life over doing an abortion. (trust me you will think about more than you know) If you have a good doctor then they can help you thru your preganacy minimizing your risks. good luck to you, and it is your choice not your moms!
I am really shocked at the politics going on in this page. Dalacan, this is not the place to get medical advice. Talk to your doctor, and please don't allow these uninformed answers to influence your decision either way, or to make you feel any guilt should an abortion become necessary (whether for medical or personal reasons). Good luck, and I wish you and your family the best.
Please don't have an abortion. I understand that there is a time and place for respecting your parents wishes but this is between you and the life you carry. There are hundreds of places that you can get advice and you could take a poll. But this is a decision you must make yourself. Yes you do need to seek professional help from a doctor or counselor. There are free counselors at Focus on the Family, they even have a great website. Yes this is your choice, your life. Yet what about your child's choice? His life? If you are not up to caring for the child place him up for adoption. Trust me there are many willing couples out there who long to have a child but can't.As for your health I hope and pray you do seek help. Modern technology and medicine are amazing! Doctors can do alot these days.....
Talk to your doctor about the medical problems you have. If your doctor thinks it is safe for both you and your baby, continue the pregnancy if it's what you want.
seriously? no one can tell you what to do with your body. you have to think about what you want. don't listen to these people telling their opinion. you think really hard on what you want and completely disreguard everyone else. your mom, the people on this website, and other outsiders don't have any thing to do with your decision. if you want to know if it's too late to have an abortion, google it or something. don't ask an actual person because they'll just try to influence you and this is a very personal decision.
NO! NOOOOOOOO! DO NOT HAVE AN ABORTION!!!!! God will never forgive you if you do! Plus, its not the baby's fault!
an answer without an opinion here, im pretty sure, in AZ anyway, that latest you can get an abortion is 8 weeks, so two months.. but check with planned parenthood or places like that. It is confidential and obviously more accurate.


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