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Im throwin up like crazy . . .

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I know morning sickness is normal but is it normal for me to be so sick feeling that I cant stay at work ? & does anybody have advice ? I tried eating crackers in the morning but it doesnt help

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Try eating before you even get out of bed or set your alarm about an hour before you have to get up so you have something in your system before you are up.  Also try adjusting the time you take your prenatal.  For my first pregnancy the time I took my prenatal (which I ended up taking at night) effected everything.  If that does not work talk to your dr there are save meds you can take which can help as well.  Good luck I know this is the worst, but it will pass soon!
before taking ur prenatals eat a little snack,because sometimes when ur tummys empty and u take ur prenatals may cause u tew feel nauseus i went thru the exact same process so dnt worry...if this doesnt help talk tew ur doctor about it...
Try preggie pops. They don't work for me but they did work for a friend of mine. They don't cost a lot either. Also, when you wake up in the morning, eat the crackers while you are still laying down, then get up real slow.
Do not let yourself get hungry! I found that I never felt hungry, but if I waited too long before eating, I would feel so much worse. Chewing gum helped me as well.
When i was pregnant i couldnt eat anything because it would come right out min later ...!! No matter what the time was ...!! So my doctor gave me some pills and they did wonders so maybe if you tell your doctor he will give them to you too ...!!I hope you feel better because i knw that was driveing me crazy !!! =)
By the way i dont know if your also concerned about your baby getting food since you throw it up ...?! Because i was and my doctor told me that even if i thru it up min later she was still getting the good stuff from the food..
'Graze' eat as much as you can - watermelon worked for me as well as zucchini bread cut thin so I could eat small pieces. And most importantly try to keep hydrated! If you feel like you're not staying hydrated, call your doctor, you may need to get fluids intravenously. I did twice my first pregnancy.Also, your doctor can prescribe medicine to help keep food and fluids down, although they may not take away the nausea completely. Reglan is usually what they try first because most insurances will accept it. It didn't work at all for me. Zofran is much more expensive, but that was the only thing keeping me hydrated this pregnancy.And hopefully it will get better once you're around 12 weeks!
Try eating before you even get out of bed or set your alarm about an hour before you have to get up so you have something in your system before you are up. This should be a way to avoid this problem. Greg, grecian wedding dresses expert and wedding planner.

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