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Im trying naturacure; But lets just say it doesnt work...

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What are ways of getting pregnant? I need any and all. Sex postitions seems kind of stupid to me because either way the sperm get up into you, so i need real answers please(:

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There's two ways to get pregnant: have unprotected sex, or via medial assistance.  Everything else is variations on those themes. You don't say how long you've been trying the first.  I would look into checking your ovulation cycles (it's something you can track or you can buy kits in the stores - get a copy of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" from the library).  Sex every other day is supposed to be helpful.  And I agree, positions are pointless - UNLESS whatever position you were using before isn't getting the sperm from Point A to Point B. For the second: if you've been trying for more than a year, please talk to your doctor.  He or she may recommend seeing a fertility specialist.  THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.  Lots of people need a little help - even people who've gotten pregnant on their own before.  The first thing the specialist wi'll do is an evaluation, which is usually covered by most insurances, and that will inform the doctors what your options are. Good luck.
There are lots of stories about what can help you get pregnant, but the bottom line is you've got to have sex while you are fertile. There are many ways to monitor your fertility. You can use ovualation predictor kits, basal body temp monitoring, and check on cervical fluid consistency and cervical position. Personally, I didn't feel like doing all of that so the hubby and I decided to just have sex every other day for two weeks (weeks 2&3 of my cycle) so that there was always sperm present and ready for the egg. It took us a few cycles (it's hard to stay on that schedule soemtimes) but it finally worked! As a side note, make sure that both of you drink plenty of water because dehydration can affect both his semen and your cervical fluids, making it difficult for his swimmers to get where they need to go. Good Luck!
Thank you both of you. i have been trying for a year exactly. And ive been takuing this all natural pills called naturacure, they are all natural pills uppping your hormones to help you get pregnant. Ive looked online to track my fertility but i dont know how effective that is online wise? And i had no idea dehydration could effect ur fertilitry rate, i drink alot of tea but not water is that bad? And with going to the doctor i will im just scared for them to say something terrible, like  have cancer or for some reason i have to get a historectomy? not that they wiould i just dont know what would happen.. 
Have sex when you're ovulating. That's really the only way to get pregnant.

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