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I'm an uncle with niece, how old before I give good jewlery?

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I'm an uncle with two nieces. How old should they be before I start giving "good" jewelry? I'm thinking things like pretty necklaces and bracelets, "good" costume jewelry, not stuff you would wear to "The Oscars" but nice stuff in the $100.00 to $500.00 range. Could mommy keep them safe and let them wear just on special occasions? PS I hate the way this font smashes together the c and the l and makes them look like d. I did write uncle, not undle

answers (2)

Depends on the girls and their mom(s). I would recommend waiting until they are at least 9 or 10. My daughter, who is ten, is just now old enough in my opinion to be trusted with that sort of thing, even just for specal occasions. I was given a set of freshwater pearls at age 12 by my grandmother. I think that was good timing.Another thing to consider is sizing. At age 10 or 12, girls are almost finished growing, so you can be pretty confident that anything you give them is going to fit at least thru the beginning of adulthood.Happy gifting :)
Wow! You soundlike an awesome uncle! Wish I had one like you who actually cared. Anyways I agree that you don't want it to be too early. Are they more mature for their age? Does their mom have somewhere they could put the stuff that it could be safe? I would say the best bet is talking to the mom because nobody knows the child like she does. She could suggest when she thinks they would be old enough. Good luck and happy shopping :)

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