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im very exhausted,and need sleep but have no one to help me!

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im very tired and exhausted & feel like i have no energy left in me!!!!! im alway's asking for help but my boyfriend need's his sleep for work,my mother in law is still hurt (recovering now) my mommy is alway's working as well! i need help anything that can help me! i have homework for school that i need to read and study over before i go back to school,but i can't do both thing's at once! with the baby & homework!! any advice anything..?

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I know how you feel. Having a newborn is overwhelming enough as it is, but adding other responsibilities makes it that much worse. Your best option is to take care of whatever you can while your baby sleeps. Take a nap with your baby if you need to, and the rest of the time use his naps to do your homework.That's what I do. I've got a 3 week old, a 21 month old, and an almost 3 1/2 year old to take care of, homework for two college classes, a house to keep clean, plus I'm pumping every two hours (which usually takes 20-30 minutes each time). Figuring out how to get it all done it tricky. The other day it took me literally all day to get my homework done because of all the other stuff I had to do but it eventually got done.Make sure you're eating enough and are drinking lots of water. That will help keep your energy levels up. My baby is pretty good so even when she's not sleeping I can prop her up in her Boppy pillow while I try to get something done, but even when she's fussy I can still hold her and read at the same time. Motherhood makes us into great multitaskers. We just have to be creative sometimes to figure out how to get everything done.
jessica did you forget you have me dude i told you to hmu when every you needed help with the baby or homework

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