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I'm worried about my daughter?

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My 4 year old daughter always complains about being hungry and tired, she naps twice a day for a total of 4 hours and sleeps for 10 hours, but whenever she eats she always gets a bad stomach ache or throws up. I called her doctor, but the line has been down so I can't contact anyone. Anyone else ever had this problem? I need help!

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The sleeping could be that she's growing, whenever my kids are about to have a growth spurt they sleep all day. Sometimes kids go trough stages where they eat alot, so she might be eating too much and then she has a stomach ache. Plus depending on what foods she eats she could have gas. ask the doctor about it but try not to worry it's probably not serious.
Thank you so much!
It does sound like maybe she's having a growth spurt. Kids sleep a lot more during growth spurts because their bodies need that extra rest in order to devote more energy to growing. Pay close attention to what she eats. It's possible that she has an intolerance or allergy to something. Definitely keep trying to get through to the doctor, your daughter may need to be seen for her stomach troubles.
I agree with the above comments regarding the sleeping. As a parent go with your gut. If your gut is telling you something is wrong, follow through on it. If you can't get thru to your pediatrician, change it. I am comforted by knowing I can reach my children's doctor. There could be some underlying conditions that may need exploring medically. Your daughter may have acid reflux but it's worth examining because you want her to get all the nutrients vital to a normal physical and cognitive development. Good luck!

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