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I'm worried about my son when i get pregnant soon, what should i do?

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My husband and I are planning on having our own baby this year. We're both very excited but deep inside me i'm a bit worried. I'm worried about our son, who is his from his 1st ex-wife. I've been a good mom and wife and they both love me and told me i've been the best they had after my husband having two ex-wives. A short history, my son has 3 known half brother and sisters, two of which he hasn't seen in years as their father took them away, and one whom he sees every now and then courtesy of the adoptive parents. His birth mom, just got of jail a year ago and has disappeared again on him after a few months of getting out of jail. , the birth mom has been an alcoholic and drug user and pusher and has been jailed a couple times and has a known history of showing up as a lovely dovey mom to him then suddenly disappearing for a long time. This has happened a few times before already which made my son a very emotional kid. I am worried on how my son will react or will be when he finds out we're having a baby. He's bene used to being our only son. My husband thinks everything will be fine as our son has been a very nice kid and a lovign brother to his half brothers and sister. I am worried because of two events i had previously. The first is a couple times when our relatives have been asking us when we're having babies already in front of him and sometimes asking him if he's excited to be a big brother and he'd always respond sourly that he's a big brother already. The second one was a year ago when he saw a pregrancy test kit my husband bought for me. He told me he doesn't want to have new brothers and sister cause it reminds him of his brother and sisters especially those whom he hasn't seem for a long time. My husband told me its because he's just afraid to lose his brothers and sisters again. So what should i do? I'm scared of what he would think or do when he finds out i'm pregnant. I love our son and i never treated or called him my stepson but have always called him my son and treated him as my own. But whenever he hears about the topics of me having a baby, he becomes sad and bitter. I'm just worried and i don't know what to do especially when the time comes that i become pregnant.

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First, he should see a therapist to help him deal with his issues regarding his other family members.Second, he should be fine with you and your husband having more children once he fully understands that no one will be leaving him. Therapy will help with this as well.

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