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I'm young but want to be pregnant what do I do?!

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I'm 14 years old, a freshman in high school and I've been hoping I become pregnant and I don't know why. Thinking about a little me running around is so amazing. I can't stop thinking about it. I want to have a big stomach, I want to find out the gender, I want to feel him/her kick for the first time, I want to give birth to a little baby. I want a child so bad. Is it bad that I'm feeling this way? My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year and are in love. I can't stop thinking about having a family with him, having a baby to take care of and love unconditionally. What should I think about this? Is something wrong with me?!

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Hi! it is understandable that you have those feelings. When one is young and in love one can feel like it's already time to settle and have a family with the one you love. More so, because we see in movies how nice and beautiful being in love is, and how giving birth is our next step to being happy. Even so, it is important that you reflect on those feelings and on your actual age and experiences in life. Being a mother is no easy job, no matter how old you are. But, with age comes experience and it tends to be easier if you are older and experienced, Also, we want our children to be happy and provide them with the experiences that will help them better develop emotionally and intellectually. Having an education will help you do that. Be it that you finish your high school education or continue to get an advanced degree, it will help you provide a better life to your kids. Also, when one is a parent one has to do a lot of sacrifices for our young ones. So, I recommend that you enjoy your life as a teenager, learn all the things you can, have some very nourishing experiences that will provide happiness and stability in the future. Maybe you can watch all day tv, hang out with friends, go to the mall, go to school, go to the movies, sleep in when it's Saturday, etc right now like a normal teenager, but if you become a mom all of that will change. So, I would say that it's nice that you want to be a mom and it's nice that you are experiencing love, but there are some goals that have to be fulfilled later in life when one is ready and more mature and stable (be it emotionally or economically, preferably both) and being a mom it's one of them!!! Being a mom will definitely be easier when you are older and you'll be happy you got to enjoy your teenage years and early adulthood getting ready to become a good parent and provide the best of experiences for your kid. I hope this helps! best wishes, Ina
Here's a recommended check this of everything you should do and/or consider before having a child. 1.) Why do you feel the need or want a child? Your reasoning. (can you financially and emotionally support your child on your current income? Try babysitting fulltime to see if you enjoy it as well 2.) Graduate High School or get your GED, an educated mother has a higher chance of having children with a higher education, and avoid poverty. 3.) Get Married. You should have a spouse who is willing to fully commit to you before starting a family. Life comes with many ups and downs, so having somebody other than your family who can be there for you both financially, emotionally and stand by your side through all hardships is ideal in life. Having a child can make any relationship have problems with lack of sleep and hormone imbalance, so you should in a stable, committed and healthy relationship beforehand. 4.) Get on a career path and get a job to support your baby's basic needs of food, clothes, shelter, toys, diapers etc. 5.) Get Health Insurance because having a child is not free, and can be very costly without it, depending on the state you live in. Eat healthy fruits and veggies, and take vitamins to make sure your health is at its best 6.) Enroll in a 2 or 4- year college to get certified or a degree in a concentrated area like Nursing to Financially support her child 7.) Ensure you have a reliable transportation mode such as a spacious car or family van to take your child out to the park and most importantly their Doc. Appoints every couple of weeks. The idea of having a child seems great but I at the age of 26 had my first son, how Im 28 and a full time state college student, married over 6 years to my husband a Computer Engineer and it is very difficult with my homework, cleaning duties, cooking, work (Morning news station) and family life. The truth is no matter what age you have a family be prepared for all hardships, sleepless nights when your baby is sick, then taking care your family and yourself. You are 14 years old there's so much to enjoy in life like love, going to the movies or hanging out with friends because once you have a child, the truth is that it ALL goes away. You can't a new born to any of those places. The easiest thing to do is work on yourself to prepare yourself for a family. Learn to cook healthy meals, learn to drive, get your first job to save money and buy your first used car. If you think none of that is important you are wrong, and you need to take a better look at yourself and look at reading some self-help, self- improvement books to be the best person you can be.

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