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Immplantation Bleeding

2 answers
What does it look like? How long does it last? When can I take a pregnancy test?

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implantation bleeding can be painful even if you dont bleed very much. I had that problem with this pregnancy & my dr told me that after a few days the bleeding should be all stopped. For me it looked like my period, it was that same color & consistency (sry if thats gross.) But my dr did make sure to tell me that if i went through more then one pad an hr to call them immediately because that would no longer be normal. Anyway from the sounds of your question you dont even know if youre pregnant yet. If you have missed you period then you can take a test right now. Or if you are suppose to start your period within the next few days you can take a test. Hopefully if you are pregnant then youre not having implantation bleeding cuz my dr made me rest & relaxe as much as i possibly could. & thats no fun.
i had that. i didnt have any pain and it was only light spotting and it still scared the crap out of me . it should only last a few days but could happen once n a while through out the pregnancy. if u have it deff call ur doc everytime to make sure the babys ok

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