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Impatiently waiting...

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My DH and I are trying for baby #2, so far I am 4 days late for my period and I have taken a few PT only to have them come up with negative results. With my daughter I got a positive result 2 days before my MP so I'm starting to freak out a bit. My periods run like clockwork, I've been off the pill since late summer and I have been keeping track of my cycle lengths and each morning of the 28th day of my cycle Mother Nature is there to greet me. I'm worried that something may be wrong... I've never been late for a period and I've called my OB and she said to wait until it's been a full week after I've missed my period (but as I'm sure you can tell I'm not so good at that). eeek! I know each pregnancy is different but is this normal to have such opposite test readings? one before my MP and (hopefully) one a week after I've missed it?

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Yes its completely normal. Your hormone level can vary which is how those test know if you are preg or not. I never had a home preg test read positive untill I was 6-8 wks along, and I'm a week away from having my 3rd baby in 30 months!! My doctor said its because my hormone level doesn't get very high right at first. I wouldn't worry, stress can cause you to skip to so you may not be preg your just worried about being preg. So relax it will happen!!

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