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Implanon removal when can I get pregnant?

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I've had my implanon for about 2 years and 7 months. Intill yesterday July 9. I wasn't lucky like other people on implanon because I was always on my period! I'd be light in the morning have nothing threw out the day be heavy at night if not the other way around. So since I was always on my period I finally got over the hassle and got it removed. Yes was bleeding day of removal. Anyways never had a set cycle on implanon nor did I have.a day off from Mother Nature. Just had sex with my spouse, how soon can I get pregnant? When does my period or cycle go back to normal which I got the begin get of the month once a month. I'm so lost and confused as to getting pregnant , my cycle / body going back to normal without implanOn. Help !!

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