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Implantation Bleeding

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Hello, I need some advice. I think I might possibly be pregnant with my second child but I'm not sure. I never had/noticed implantation bleeding with my first child so when I noticed it this time I immediately knew something was abnormally going on. Not necessarily bad just abnormal for my body. I noticed 9 days before my period which is due in 2 days. That I had very light pinkish, redish bleeding mixed with some brown. I thought I had started my period so I threw on a pad and called it a day. Well I noticed later that there was no flow of blood and it was all just discharge. Here I am 7 days later and I'm still spotting but it's all just been brown and discharge. I've had nausea on and off, breast pains and pelvic pains. I had taken a Plan B pill earlier in April (forgot it's the first of May) from an oopsy slip because we are currently not trying to conceive. This pill was taken way before I started spotting. I have also taken a pregnancy test but got negative. So I'm not sure if I took the test to early or if the bleeding is a result of the Plan B pill of if I a actually am pregnant. If I am I really pray that the Plan B pill doesn't harm the child. I just need reassurance more than anything.

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