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infant mucus !! HELP!!

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My 2 year daughter has this horrible cough at night where i hear having a hard time to swallow the mucus i pat her back i tell her spit but she just swallow it my 2 month old son now has a small cough as well and i know there is no medicine i could give him so please help what do i do???

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I think your children are weather sensitive or could be weaker than other children but it is normal and there is nothing to worry about except the hard times you will suffer unless they get 5. my own nephew and niece have suffered a lot but now my niece is okay and nephew(now 4 YO) is getting well, doctors usually suggest asthma medicine for such issues, but these medicines never last long but there is no other way you must continue with these medicines. I can suggest you with herbal tea"toddlers magic tea" that will certainly sooth him but it is not a cure.

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