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insufficient milk production/ trouble supplementing

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I have a seven week old boy and I do not seem to be producing enough milk for him. He is eating all the time, completely draining me, and wanting to eat again so soon after my breasts do not have enough time to produce more. I think hes getting enough right now because he is gaining weight, but I also go to school twice a week at night, and my husband watches him. I try and pump as much as possible so he has enough to give him while I am gone for about 6 hours, but between pumping and him eating its never enough. I've tried giving him formula a few times, but he refuses to eat it, even if I mix it in with milk. I never had this issue with my daughter who I nursed for a year, and I really want to nurse him for just as long, but I can't make enough. Any ideas on how to produce more milk and get him to take formula on a regular basis for supplementing? Thanks.

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I was never able to succesfully supplement either. My Doctor told me to get Fenugreek, it worked wonderfully. Try to drink water, atleast  every time you nurse and if you are a big soda drinker cutting back will help a lot as well. Good luck!
just continue to offer the formula, he will get used to it.
I went through the exact same thing with my baby boy last month (he is now five months old).  I just continued to nurse him and pump and now at five months I am producing enough for him.  So just keep nursing him, it might seem like you are not producing enough as he wants to nurse all the time (like mine did), but just relax your production will catch up as long as he is gaining weight you are fine.  Don't continue to offer him formula, once he starts eating formula your production will never catch up.
babies raised on formula alone develop just fine. if your not producing enough milk, then stop stressing about it. get some dha iron fortified formula, and give him a bottle.
I went through the same thing.  My little guy was born early and struggled with latching.  I missed those first few critical weeks of milk production.  The lactation consultants at the hospital gave me a device to supplement my production.  I taped the small tubing to my breast and he sucked from me and the tubing at the same time.  I went weekly to the lactation consultants and, after measuring him every week, we knew I was only producing about half of what he needed.  Any lactation consultant should be able to get you that equipment, it helped me!
I agree with isajr. Stop supplementing! He is gaining weight, so he is okay. When he wants to nurse again right away, that is okay - that will stimulate production. Fenugreek is great, and drink lots of good water and eat very healthy, especially vegetables. If you continue to supplement, it's hard to go back. When my daughter was born, she had trouble latching in the beginning, and I had to supplement, per the doctor, for a few weeks. But then he very strongly urged me to stop. It was scary, but I stopped and it worked out great. If it helps, what helped my daughter latch correctly was finding a brilliant pediatric chiropractor. I know it sounds extreme, but there was no cracking or anything scary involved. She was able to latch on well after only one visit. Her head had gotten quite squeezed on the way out of the womb. She was a much happier baby from that day forward.

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