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introducing milk to my one yr old

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my son just turned one and so we wanted to start giving him whole milk instead of formula because we heard thats what you are supposed to do, the problem is when i tried to introduce my son to milk he didnt like it! i tried giving it to him in a sippy cup and in a bottle and he wouldnt take it in either one! any advice? how do i wean him onto milk and is it better to give him milk in a bottle since thats what he took his formula in or should it be in a sippy cup?

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no, do not give him a bottle. continue to put the milk in a cup. if he doesn't have any allergies, then you can try the following. (my daughter is 20 months. we started her on it all at 10 months, and she still drinks it, plus cow's.)Silk Vanilla Almond Milk, Silk Vanilla Soy Milk, Silk plain DHA Omega-3 soy milk, Silk Coconut Milk, Horizon Organic Whole Milk.hope this helps, and i would avoid giving him chocolate milk of any kind at this age. chocolate contains caffeine, and the drink is loaded with sugar. you can purchase all at your local walmart, winn-dixie, etc.
We switched out little one to whole milk about a week before he turned one. It took a few tries but he seems to like it now. I have continued with bottles, as he has not taken to the sippy cups yet and our pediatrician stated he is ok to still be taking bottles. I heat the milk just enough to take the chill off, he will not drink it too warm or too cold. You could try offering the milk gradually, maybe one bottle a day. I wish you luck! :) 
I agree, try warming the milk up a little.  My son didn't like his milk cold until very recently (he's a week shy of 18 months now).  We only gave it to him in a bottle at bedtime; the rest of the time he got all his liquids in sippy cups.   (We've since weaned him off bedtime bottles.)  My son's best friend, who is about five months older, never grew to like milk.  She hated it from the first sip, but she loves cheese and yogurt, and her pediatrician said as long as she's getting calcium from those, her aversion to milk isn't a big deal.  So if your son never grows to like milk  - eh.  As long as he's getting calcium from other sources, then don't worry too much about it. Good luck!
Thank you for asking this question.  My son will be a year end of this month, and I was looking for way and ideas on how to introduce him to real milk.  I was excited to have bought my last thing of formula last night.  I hope that my excitement is valid and he doesn't have any issues with it.  thanks!
It helps to make the change gradually over a few days. Start with 3/4 formula and 1/4 milk. Gradually reduce the formula, and increase the milk. This will help your child adjust to the change in taste.
I agree with above poster. I was nursing my daughter so I was really concerned, so I started pumping and putting more and more cows milk with my milk. She grew to love milk very much.
As far as the bottle, you might be trying to change too much at once. Get him used to the milk then switch him off of the bottle. If he isn't taking to the new sippy cup with the new drink, it must just be to overwhelming all at once.
KayKaysMommy is right, don't make too many changes at once.  Definitely try mixing the formula and milk together, also experiment with different temperatures.  Our LO actually loves cold milk, but was also ok with room temperature formula (powder mixed with room temperature water).  We had to go with lactose free milk as she has difficulty with lactose.  Don't substitute Soy, Almond or Rice milk without talking to your pediatrician.  Three reasons for this, one, none of these have the protien that milk does, none of them have the same fat (vital for developement of nervous system and brain) content and there have been questions raised about the possible long term effects of soy products.  Also, they're more expensive!
Thank you guys.  I am starting to introduce my almost 1 yr old to cows milk.  So far it needs to be in his sippy cup, since we use one all day anyway, I just stayed with that.  It also has to a little warmer then room temprature.  So I put it in the microwave for just 15 seconds or so.  Sometimes he will take it at room temp, but not much colder then that. Leahh is right, Soy, almond or rice, should only be approved by the kids doc.  Don't just give it to them, they can cause more allergies then what cows milk would do. 
thanks all!!!! ill try your advice!:)


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