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Introducing solids to baby

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For about two weeks my 4 month old has been eating a teeny bit of rice cereal about an hour after her last bottle before bed time. Last night we introduced some bananas with the cereal and she loved them! I am thinking about having her take some solid food at daycare during the day. I am just wondering what kind of schedule I should plan on, because I have to write out a feeding plan for daycare everytime I change how and what she eats. She takes 4-7 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours, and has about 5-6 bottles a day.

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Yay for solids! I definitely recommend having her try the new foods in the morning instead of at night.  As she branches out into new territory, you'll want to keep an eye on her for possible allergic reactions - the LAST thing you want is an allergic reaction at 2am!  Follow the four-day rule when trying new foods.  That means you try only ONE new food in a four-day period.  That way, if she does have a reaction, you can very easily say, "Well, obviously my child is allergic/intolerant to peas/tomatoes/whatever the new food is."  When I started my son on solids, I combined it with his regular feeding.  Starting solids isn't so much about nutrition as it is about learning a new way of eating.  Just like some babies need practice with the bottle or breast, some babies doesn't immediately grasp the concept of food-on-spoon-goes-in-mouth. By having her eat in conjunction with the bottle, though, you're signaling that this is the same basic concept. Your daughter shouldn't be super-starving, or she won't have the patience to deal with the new system of eating.  I'd give my son some solids, and then switch to the bottle.  Or maybe we'd go in the other direction - it depended on his mood.  I'd tell the daycare to start adding in whatever solid you want her starting on with her mid-morning feeding.  It might be a good idea to talk to the caregivers in her room - chances are, they've done this a million times before, and can offer their own observations on what works best for them and how they're set up.  Flexibility is key.  If she doesn't get her solids until afternoon - eh.  If she misses a day - eh.  If she goes five days instead of four when trying a new food - eh.  She'll get there.  Have fun!  Invest in paper towels and handi-wipes!  :)
When I started solids I always did a feeding before she nursed. I would suggest you pick a time when she is most awake. This is a good way to start introducing foods because they will be more open to try new things.
I've been giving her cereal and bananas in between bottles. She seems to like it. I tried to give her some cereal and then a bottle and/or a bottle and then cereal...but when a bottle is involved she wants that and nothing else. We are trying sweet potatoes in a few days:)

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