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iPod Touch and middle school girls: help with too much drama!

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We are pretty strict parents, when it comes to our children's safety. Our oldest didn't get a cell phone until she was 15. Our 11-year-old doesn't have Facebook or any other social media, but a few months ago she saved up the $200+ needed for an iPod Touch. We gave in. Since then I have regretted it. She uses the iPod for texting and chatting, and Facetime. Since she is in middle school, she's told me about a few "mean girls" moments where girls have used Facetime to taunt her over who hangs out with who, etc. We set the parental controls down low so she can't get R-rated content on the iPod, but there isn't a setting against meanness from girls she knows. My friends let their girls this age have much more freedom with unprotected and unrestricted Internet use. I just think this can lead to so much heartache that can be avoided with tighter controls. My husband and I are struggling with what to do. Take it away altogether? Limit use to certain days/hours? That doesn't seem to be the answer. She just isn't old enough to handle certain social situations, but this iPod is allowing her to be in them anyway. Feeling so confused.

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I think it's more important for you to address the bullying your daughter is experiencing. Find out who the "mean girls" are and then talk with their parents. Also find out if this behavior is going on at school as well, and if it is, talk to the teachers and principal. Restricting the use of the iPod is not going to prevent your daughter from being bullied, and taking it away now could potentially cause more bullying at school.

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