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irresponsible step daughter

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My fiances daughter lives with us who is 17 years old. Myself being the step father I don't feel the right to step in and tell the daughter what to do. Instead I relay back to her mom when mom (fiance) asks my opinion. The daughter only attends school (most of the time). She does no chores,doesn't know how/want to cook,doesn't work (although she claims to want a job but makes no effort),sleeps endless amounts of hours (sometimes 14) a day,wants soda,candy,and junkfood every time we go food shopping,etc,etc...I tell my fiance my opinions and she usually agrees when we discuss the issues,but she does not follow through with telling the daughter. What can I do?

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Get a new daughter. Heres the link
Talk about it over some alcholo with some friends
Talk about it over some alcholo with some friends
Well you only have a year left before she is probably out on her own so you can wait it out or take things into your own hands. Sounds like the teen has no boundaries and her mother is push over trying to be her friend instead of her parent. What I am reading is pure laziness and if you guys do not push her to have some responsibilities she will struggle in the real world and will not leave your home until she matures mentally leaving you with a burden. You need to 've more firm give out chores and try to get your step daughter out of the house there are plenty of fun activities you three could do together. Use your imagination :)

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