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This Isn't Fair....

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Ok Mommy's Sorry I Ask Soo Many Question's,.. Well My Sister She Just Turned 18 & She Also Had Her Son At 16 She's Been On Her Own Never Needed Help With Anything Never Asked Anyone For Money Or Anything,. Well She Was Very Dissapointed When She Had Found Out That I Was Having A Baby Too,.. So, We Don't Really Talk At All Now Witch Hurt's Because She's My Big Sister,.. Well My Mom Alway's Choose's My Sis & Her Son Over Annyone Else! & When Ever Her & My Mom Fight & They Stop Talking She Now Want's Too See My Son & It's Like Unfair Because I Feel Like When He's Not There She Now Gives My Son Attention:( She Buy's My Newphew Everything He Want's & When I Tell Her Damme Mom You Have Another Grand Baby Too! She Goes I Know That's Why Isaac ( My Baby's Dad) Can Buy You And Your Son Whatever You Guy's Need!:( So I Just Ignore Her Now & Let Her See My Son Whenever She Like's What Can I Say Or Tell Her So She Can Pay More Attention To My Son Too.?:(

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That sucks, I'm really sorry. Sometimes people are like that. I don't know if there is much you can do to change your mom's behavior. It's something she needs to decide to change on her own. I know it's not fair to you or your son. Maybe explaining how her actions make you feel will help her understand.
i know it does :( but i just do my best to bite my tongue and keep it to my self ! im just trying to do whatever i can for my son & i  & boyfriend i tell her that it's not fair but she just get's maad and leave's and then she start's yelling at me and my baby's dad!  and than she goes and buy's my newphew something and she barely hold's my son when i tell her i need help she goes im busy so i just try and stay away and when i dont talk to her she get's mad and goes all crazy..??! idk why but it's hard enough when i don't have a baby sitter and i have to go to school from 11-2:20 but im doing what i can i just hope she can change my boyfriend's family has alway's been by my side & whenever i need help they are there :(
Does your sister have anyone else helping her? Does her baby's father help? If not, that could be why your mom does so much for her. I know it's not fair and it hurts.Some of my family treats my kids differently. It seems like both my mom and my dad (they're divorced) like my oldest daugher better than my son and it really bugs me. When my newest baby was born my mom was here and she basically said she'd stay with Audrey but that Harrison could stay with out friends. And for Christmas in 2010 my dad bought Audrey a ton of presents but all but one outfit and two pair of jammies for Harrison was backordered. The store cancelled the order and my dad didn't get other gifts for Harrison. He was only 8 months old and I didn't care about the presents, but I was really mad that my dad didn't see the importance of treating my kids the same. 
no!! her baby's dad is a child melester!! he's in prison! witch i LOVE!!  ok long story short i feel very comfortable telling you guy's ( because i actually feel cared for on here than in my real family but i conserder you all family) well my mom's ex-husband is my sister's baby's dad!! yeah i know what the heck!! yeah he also did stuff to me and my little sister that was 8 at the time that no man should!!!!:( so my sister and mom have a bad relationship sometimes because my sister is in LOVE With this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she'll do anything for him!!!! & she want's too marry him!! witch is what makes me mad that my mom still treats her better!! 
and also im sorry about the way they treat your son differently i hope it get's better!!

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