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Isn't it too ealry for pregnancy symptoms?

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I posted last month bc my husband and I have been having unprotected sex since July and I have yet to get pregnant. I started tracking my periods on bc it tells me the best days to have sex if I am trying for a girl and since I have 3 boys I would like a little girl this time (last chance as well bc 4 is our limit). :) So my period is VERY regular every 26 days and my last one was November 2. I should have ovulated around last Monday (week ago) and implantation will or should occuar this week if I am pregnant. My question is the last couple of days my boobs have been swollen tender and a bit sore at times. I have been nauseated on and off and very tired. My sex drive is also through the roof...but isnt it too ealry for these to be pregnancy symptoms?? I know sometimes a womens body can just be "off" so I keep thinking that is what this must be. Have any of you ever had earlier symptoms other than a missed period?? I did have a friend tell me that her boobs became larger 2 weeks before her missed period and she knew she was pregnant but waited to take a test until her missed period bc she knew it wouldnt have shown before that. Of course I know I have to wait until the 28th to take a test but I am curious if this has happened to anyone else. ALSO really wish I could comment on questions but it still wont let me :(

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It's normal to experience breast tenderness and/or swelling as a PMS symptom as well as a pregnancy symptom, so that one can be tricky. Sex drive is based on hormones, so that one can be tricky as well if you're using it to determine whether or not you're pregnant. Morning sickness generally kicks in for most women around 6 weeks. It's possible that depending on your hormone levels it could develop earlier.But, you won't experience any pregnancy symptoms until a fertilized egg has implanted in your uterine wall and your body has started producing hcg. Your body will not produce hcg before the egg has implanted. So if it hasn't been long enough for a fertilized egg to have implanted (about 5-10 days after conception), you aren't experiencing pregnancy symptoms. It's more likely that you're feeling what you expect to feel because you want to be pregnant. And that's totally normal, so don't feel bad.After my daughter was born I had a Mirena put in, but I didn't trust it because I had gotten pregnant while on the pill. After a couple of weeks I was positive I was pregnant. I had nausea, tiredness, and other symptoms. I saw my doctor and I wasn't pregnant. After hearing that I definitely wasn't pregnant the symptoms went away. Also, if you find that you aren't pregnant this time around you should think about trying the home ovulation tests. The body releases a hormone that stimulates the ovaries to release an egg, and that hormone is what the tests look for. If you get a positive test that means you'll ovulate in about 2 days. I used them for birth control because I had a hard time with pills after my son was born. When we were ready for me to get pregnant I knew exactly when the time was right and it only took one "try" for it to work. 
When we were trying for my son I thought I was pregnant in June I was like 100% just waiting for my missed period. Well I fell off a horse and needed x-rays. That was on a monday and my period was due friday. They did a pregnancy test and it came back negative, I got pregnant the following month when I was almost 100% sure I was NOT pregnant between being laid up with a sore hip and the temp hitting 100 degrees with like 80% humidity, sex was not on my mind, one time was all it took. I was guessing when I was ovulation wrong because I thought we had missed the time. So get a kit and see maybe that will help (if you are not already pregnant)On the issue of not being able to post. When I use Internet Explorer I cannot comment on post. I now use mozila firefox and it works. Some other webpages work better with it also. It is free and pretty simple to use.

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