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Is it all in my head?

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I am 27 years old. I am overweight. I have one daughter born in 2006 after 5 years of unprotected sex. I am in a new relationship and trying to conceive. With my past pregnancy, I had very few symptoms early on and my husband at the time was not enthusiastic about having a child at ALL. Now I am with someone who really wants more children. We have been trying almost a year and several times I have been late and had several symptoms (breast tenderness, nausea, backache, headache). Now I am not late YET but it appears I am going to have a longer cycle than normal (I usually have a 26 day cycle). I started photographing my cervix and before it was pale pink. Now it has a little "mauvish?" color around the OS, sitting very low, and is tightly closed for being only days away from a period. My breasts are tender and my veins are starting to become very visible. I have had constipation, headaches, backaches, mild cramping, excessive gas, a bloated feeling, and moments of feelings breathless. Also, I have a little very light nausea. Normally, as of late, I do have cramping and breast tenderness before my menstrual comes but it feels different and a little more intense than before. My question is this: If I am not pregnant, then why do I have to endure the symptoms? Is this all in my head? Does anyone else suffer like this?

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It took me 3 years to conceive a viable pregnancy (I had two miscarriges). I have long cycles so it was hard to know when I was ovulating or even when to expect a period. I think I wanted to be pregnant so badly that some months my "pregnancy" symptoms were all in my head. And then I'd start my period. Ithought I'd never conceive, but I finally purchased an OTC ovualtion predictor and we conceived that month!
I get those too false symptoms... sucks I have this running joke with my husband that if my period is late all I have to do is take a pregnancy test and voila the next day my period starts

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