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Is it bad my 17 month baby only drink milk in a bottle?

2 answers
My 17 month daughter wont eat any food but she drink so much milk? I dont know if i should just throw away all her bottle?

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Sit her down at meal time and tell her she has to take a nibble of food before she gets her bottle. And at the same time, show her how you eat and the drink from your "big girl cup". Maybe she just needs a little bit of pushing. Or you could tell her she only gets a bottle at sleeping times and give her a no spill sippy cup. (No spill for tantrums because she will probably throw the cup at first a few times). The WIC specialists from where I live also recommend she be off the bottle by now. They recommended that for my child who is a month younger than yours. But remember, every child is different. Hope this helps.
uh, yeah! she's 17 months old! what the hell are you waiting for? she does not eat, because you allow her to fill up on milk. she should have been done with the bottle at 12 months. thats the appropriate age, according to experts and docs. it can lead to a lot of dental problems. you need to give her a cup, and throw the bottles in the trash. the longer you wait, the harder it becomes.

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