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is it crazy....

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to consider trying to get pregnant with baby number 2 when baby number 1 is only 7 months old? Are there any moms out there that have 2 little ones that could tell me how good or bad it is to have them close in age?

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NOT crazy, when it comes to your children expected or not, you will never regret them
i had my two back to back it was hard in the biggening. when they got older i saw how close they have become and that is a plus. now i waited 10 years to have my third 
I don't think it is crazy. I know plenty of people who have kids that close in age. I don't think I could do(not on purpose anyways), but that is totally your decision. If you can afford it why not?
My children are 21 months apart. I went through all stages, diapering, bottles, teething, potty training, etc consecutively. As my older was leaving the stage, my youngest was entering it. It is a personal choice, which for my I have enjoyed.  The liked almost the same type of entertainment and activities at the same times.  My two are 11 (girl) and 9 (boy) now, and are very, very close. :)  I have, and still enjoy my journey as a parent.   I can't say as much when puberty arrives!!!
I have two girls one just turned 3 and the other is a year and half. I was worried at first because my oldest was so clingy but after the youngest was born she became  more indapendant and has become such an amazing big sister. It is A lot of work to take care of two little ones so close in age but it is amazing to seem them babble together and play. Totaly worth it, as long as you know what you are up against.

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