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is it good to breastfeed ones baby when mother is pregnant

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baby is 7months 3weeks, mother is pregnant 4 weeks

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i guess so:)
BF can be ok, but you may want to start the weaning process.  It can cause contractions and it takes a lot of energy.  Growing a baby and making milk would make anyone tired.  Your milk will probably start drying up soon.  I am about 5 weeks pregnant and my daughter stopped BF 10 days ago because the milk tasted different.  She wouldn't have anything to do with me and that was before I knew I was pregnant.  Good luck.
I got pregnant again when our daughter was 8 months old and continued nursing until she was 14 months old. She then weaned herself because the taste changed. I would say just keep it up until the baby decides shes done, my dr said there was no harm in it you just need to be sure your getting lots of fluids I became dehydrated between being so sick and nursing.. good luck
Unless the mother has a history of preterm labor and/or the nursing is causing contractions, cramps or discomfort there is no reason to wean the nursing baby.Just know that your body will feed the fetus first, nursing baby second and yourself last so you need to rest and drink lots of water and eat well. Your body may cease making milk or making as much milk, it may change the taste of the milk or maybe nothing will happen. As long as you and unborn baby are healthy and you and nursing child want to nurse then there is no problem. I did it with my first child when he was a toddler and I was pregnant with #2 and now I am pregnant with #3 and my second baby is 1 so she is still nursing. It hurts my nipples but I want to keep it up for her because she is in no way ready to wean. My son was older and he was ok with weaning at 20 months, this younger baby is just not there! I did have issues with preterm labor when I wsa pregnant with my second so I will probably have to cut back or wean her in my second trimester if not before. I want to nurse her as long as possible and I might tandem nurse her and the new baby if she wants to and I want to also.

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