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It has been about a month and a half since my miscarriage.....

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samuel(husband) says he thinks im depressed I am still grieving but I don't think I am depressed but he wants me to go to a therapist. I keep saying I don't want to because I don't think I need to go but I don't want him to be worried.Another question is am I able to get pregnant again or will I not be able to get pregnant for a while.

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I would recommend going to the therapist - even if you think you don't need it, I think Samuel might need for you to go, for whatever reason.  And if the therapist also agrees that you're doing fine, perhaps that will get him off your back on this issue for a while. Worst case, it's an hour of your life you won't get back.  Best case, you'll have an opportunity to talk to a third party and it's an hour that someone else is watching Caitlyn!  :) As for when you'll be able to get pregnant again, that's more a question for your OBGYN.  Because of the complications with your miscarriage, it wouldn't surprise me if he/she thinks you should wait a little longer before trying.
You'll need to talk to your ob about when you can get pregnant again. I've heard people that said their doc told them to get pregnant right away, but they miscarried early on.It's probably a good idea for you to see a therapist at least once. You may be just fine, but a miscarriage is a traumatic event and there may be some issues you've been hiding from yourself. If your husband is concerned, ease his mind and go, even if it's just once.

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