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Is it normal for a 20 month old girl to have a huge tummy?

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Our daughter is 20 months old and has developed this huge pregnant looking belly the past few months. She usually has a half a cup of oatmeal in the morning with whole milk, a bread or tortilla sandwich for lunch, and a small bowl of whatever we are having for dinner which is usually a very healthy balanced meal with mostly veggies and a little meat and/or carb portion. She's always been at the 50-60th %tile for weight until her 15 month appointment she went down to 25th %tile and her doctor advised I add a little more fat to her diet like adding some butter to her grilled cheese sandwiches and so on. Now she is back up to 50th %tile for weight at about 26 pounds. She is also in the 75th % for height so she is a little tall for her age. She looks normal everywhere but her belly is HUGE. lol. she looks almost pregnant lol. So my question is, is it normal for my toddler to still have this "buddha belly" ?

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My 17-month-old son gets a very large belly after he's eaten.  He's very thin for his age - 20% percentile - and the belly does go down after a few hours.  He's also a fantastic eater.  I swear he has a hollow leg!  Frankly, I think his belly is adorable.  I feed him healthy, nutritious snacks and meals.  He very rarely gets "dessert" that's not fruit.  50% percentile means your daughter is right smack in the middle.  Unlike in school, 50% is NOT a failing grade!  It's PERFECT.  There is no reason for her to be hitting the 90s every time she goes to the pediatrician!  Most of the toddlers my son's age have a Buddha belly, and quite a bit still have baby fat.  If your daughter is still hungry, feed her more.  But please don't start worrying about her size or any excess fat she might have right now - I promise you, it will trickle down and the next thing you know, she'll be thinking she's too fat because you say she is.  And that's a road you do NOT need to travel.
If you are really concerned consult her doctor about it, I know I had a "buddha belly" as a baby and it turned out to be Kidney Disease but my stomach was abnormally large from birth

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