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is it normal at 28 weeks for babies movement to slow down?

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My baby is usually on schedule with her movements. I am 28 weeks and usually baby is moving lots first thing in the morning around 6-7ish everytime I eat and at bed time for a long period of time and then frequently thru the day I have movement. Since yesterday I notice she doesn't move as often in fact I can't tell if its her moving or my organs doing there job like my food digesting, gas bubbles moving around or what? I'm thinking maybe I should go to ER. Any opinions?

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I would call your doctor, use the after hours number if you have to. While it's normal for babies to slow down with their movements as they get bigger it doesn't happen over night. And of course, it's always a good idea to be on the safe side if you suspect something isn't as it should be.

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