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Is it normal for 28 weeks pregnant to feel her baby move all the time?

3 answers
I am 28 weeks pregnant with my second child. I am quite concern about this pregnancy since as early as 5 months I can feel and see my baby move in my tummy. It seems like he never sleeps at all. And when he moves, one can really see and feel his movement in my tummy. I find this quite alarming since my first baby is not like this. Also, I have severe heart burn and is experiencing a lot of pain whenever he moves. It feels like someone's knocking the wind out me. Is this normal?

answers (3)

yes, babies get more active father along as you get, my little girl moved all the time, especailly at night. But you have to think all babies are different. The heartburn is also normal and it will get worse as you get farther along.
Thanks addimommy. i got my congenital anomaly scan today and the baby is just fine. All internal and visible organs are perfect. I guess my baby is just one of those who can't stay put huh... The heartburn is really bad so I try to eat small amount of food and hot tea to ease the discomfort :)
Gaviscon is safe while pregnant, and really helps with the heartburn! I tried tums and a couple others, and they didn't help at all! Another thing to try, is never eat and drink at the same time. Having a drink with your food gives you more heartburn!

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