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Is it normal for a 3 yrold to be aggressive when I get to daycare.

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He is 3 and there is a little 18 month old he tends to push down when I get there. He only does this when I am there and the other little girl's mom is there also. What can I do to change his behavior?

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He is likely showing off for you because he has missed you and is excited to see you. My kids get pretty crazy when I come home from school (yelling, whining, fighting, etc.).When my kids misbehave I explain why their behavior isn't acceptable and how it affects other people (hitting hurts, yelling scares the baby, etc.). Usually, that works well enough to get them to stop. But sometimes, time outs are necessary. Also, saying things like, "Pushing is mean, and I don't want to hug mean boys" can work. It seems a little harsh, but sometimes it's the only way for toddlers to really understand that their behavior is mean or hurtful.

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