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Is it normal for 4yo to constantly repeat himself?

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He is repeating not only questions, but statements as well. It could something as simple as "Where's your keys?" or "The dog is walking." This could very well stem from an inattentive mother and this is his way to get heard, but I don't know. He also asks questions he already knows the answer to (again repeating over and over), such as "Are you walking?" as I'm walking into the kitchen or "Are you watching TV?" as I'm staring at the TV.

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Little ones are weird. There's no other way to say it! My daughter is almost three and she will repeat a statment or question until she is acknowledged and she often doesn't wait more than two seconds for a response. It is absolutely for kids of this age to be very conversational and to ask lots of questions. Try having real conversations with your son so that he doesn't feel the need to constantly initiate things. He probably just wants to talk but doesn't yet understand how real conversation works.
My daughter is 2 and will say the same thing over and over. I am hoping by 4 she will have out grown it. She will be like what are you doing and I will answer then she will ask over and over.I try to turn it back to her and be like what did I just tell you I was doing. Sometimes she will stop and think then tell me. I think it maybe her way of wanting to be included. She will ask if we see someone riding a bike when we are out for a walk where they are going. I ask her where she thinks they are going.  This helps get her thinking and not just asking me over and over.I worked in a preschool and I remember the kids would ask the same question over and over sometimes. Mostly when they were really interested in what you were doing, like getting a project ready. I think they expect more information with each question. If you are concerned you can bring it up at his next appointment with his doctor. Or if he is in school ask the teachers what they think.
I used to babysit my friends daughter she was 2 and she would say ''what are you doing'' for example I would say I am cooking and she would say ''are you gonna cook something'' and that would lead on to ''are you making me food'' and she would sometimes repeat things like if I said go watch tv so I can clean and she would say ''why'' over and over so its just a thing with kids they go threw that fase.

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