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Is it normal for an 8 yr old boy to decide to expose himself in front

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Is it normal for an 8 yr old boy to decide to expose himself in front of other classmates on the play ground? When I picked him up from Afterschool they told me disturbing news that my son exposed himself not just once but twice. But no other students told the adults that he had done it the day before. I questioned my son because I was totally shocked because that has never happened before. He told me "the other students dared him". Needless to say we had a long discussion of why this is unacceptable and also what will be the punishment if it is done again. I just dont know why this occured and want to know if other children have done this or should I really be concerned about this. He attends a new to the school as of September 2010 and he also is more of a follower then a leader. Any help will be appreciated.

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My little brother did the same thing a 2years ago, he was 9. You should be very concerned, my parents wornt concerned enough and my brother ended up doing alot of stupid things now he is 11 1/2 and he is very disrespectful and does not listin at all. I blam television. Tevlevison poisons kids minds. A punishment well im not sure about that that is on you you are the parent and you should know what to do. Even if it hurts to punish your child you must do it.
A lot of kids start to experiment, to say because of this incident he will become a disrespectful kid, who doesn't listen is a stretch. Have a conversation, like you did about why it isn't okay and how to handle the situation should another student dare him to do it again. Go by his reaction to the whole thing, if he seemed sorry and embarresed, this is likely to be the last incident you see. If not keep the lines of communication open. Kids do all kinds of crazy things, they just need to be tought personal bounderies.
Explain to him that there are always going to be people wanting him to do things that are wrong, but he has to do the right thing.   Ask him if the other boys exposed themselves. He'll probably say no. Then ask "why do you think they didn't expose their private parts?"  Get him to think about why they didn't do it. Discuss why it's wrong, but first let him see if he knows the answer to why it's wrong.  Basically, the other kids were trying to get him to do something that was wrong, because they themselves didn't want to do it because it was wrong/immodest.  If they try to get him to do it again, he could say "I'm not going to do it, for the same reason YOU'RE not going to do it."

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