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is it normal to be shock and scared at the same time

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srry everyone im a first time mom and i have so many thoughts running throug my head i dont know what to think first 
When I got pregnant with my daughter it was not planned. I was married and finacially stable but I did not want kids. I was very scared and shocked that this could happen. I was on the pill and just did not know what to do. I did not tell anyone that I was pregnant besides my husband for 13 weeks. I went to a family thing when I was like 8 weeks pregnant and everyone was asking me when I was going to have kids. I told them never, I had always said never and I could not change my story or people would of known something was up. I was not ready for that.I love my daughter very much and would not change anything. We now have a little boy and our family is complete. I am still scared at how I am going to be a mom and about how I am going to handle life. But we are doing it.
My first baby wasn't planned. I was on birth control and we were both surprised. But, we were both very happy. I'm about to have our third baby and I can tell you that being a parent is difficult sometimes, but it's definitely worth it. We couldn't love our kids, each other or our life more. There is a lot to learn about raising children but there is no need to stress. You have plenty of time to figure things out and there is a lot that you just have to learn as you go. Focus on taking care of yourself during your pregnancy, do a lot of research so that you know what to expect from pregnancy and labor/delivery, and then read up on parenting.
ive been looking up everything what to eat what not to eat and what things i can do without hurting the baby like when i bend over to get somthing is that going to hurt the baby? 
You do not have to act gingerly or anything. As long as you are not riding horses or skiing where the risk of falling at a high impact on your belly is greater your body does a great job of protecting the growing baby. That is what it is made to do nurish and protect. When you get to be in your third trimester bending will get to be very hard as you will have to bend around the baby. Both my kids hated it when I bent over. If I was sitting at a table or desk and bent over to write or eat they would kick me. As for food sandwich meat, sushi(the kind with raw fish), soft unpasturized cheeses, and alchol are the only ones I can think of that you really have to stay away from. Watch what you are taking for medications whether it be herbal, prescribtion, or OTC. Talk with your doctor on what they feel is safe. Make sure you are taking a prenatal with Folic Acid. I had trouble swallowing them so my midwives told me I could take flinstones and just take two. Both my kids can out fine. You should make sure to see a doctor soon they usually like to see you around 8 weeks, good luck!

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