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is it normal to feel my baby too low at almost 6 months of pregnancy?

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Babies move around and settle into many different positions all throughout pregnancy. My baby has been pretty low for most of my pregnancy, that's just where she likes to be. Other babies like to be up higher. Part of it depends on where they initially implant in the uterus (they like to stay where they've been) and part of it depends on how much they move around and where they're comfortable. My first daughter was very high, right up under my ribs. My son was extremely low, to the point that maternity shirts didn't cover my belly toward the end. This baby seems to be a little higher than my son, but she's still very low. Where you carry really doesn't mean anything, so don't worry.
so true my son likes to be very low my shirts dont fit as well..then he'll move up to my ribs as well..then he'll move again it's normal

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