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Is it normal to feel like my son's grandma wants to take him from me?

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I was wondering because she has told me that my son Noah looks a lot like my fiance when he was a baby. Im assuming shes thinking of Brandon when he was a baby and comparing him to Noah. & the last time I was over there she said "My baby"..... I hate feeling like people want to take my baby from me.. It really made me mad and upset. I carried him for 9 months and we have more of a bond,,,, I have that motherly bond..

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my husband would get mad whenever my family would say our son looked like me as a baby, but they werent trying to say ayden didnt look like my husband. to them of course ayden looked like me as a baby because they saw me as a baby. they didnt see my husband. he realized it wasnt a insult against him and now he doesnt think twice about it or when they do it with our for the "my baby" part, i dont think she wants to take him from you. my grandmother calls my son her baby because he naturally gravitates to her. my daughter is always in my mother's arms. my mother calls mellie her baby. i dont get jealous, but see it as a sign that they trully love my children as if they were their own because as their grandparent's they hold a little piece of MY babies' heart.i might not be getting the whole picture, tho. really look at what she's doing and decide if she is trying to take him away from you or if she is trying to enjoy the wonderful kid you created. grandmothers have changed and they want to be more involved these days. more love is always good for kiddos.
When I bring him over to his Grandparents house she is always holding him.. the entire time were there. She wants to be the one to take care of him when he's there. It bothers me because Noah's my son I should be the one taking care of him not her. His grandmother can take care of him when she babysits him but thats it. I might just be overreacting.. The reason why I'm like this is because when I told my mom I was pregnant she said that she's going to take my baby away from me. She said that because she thought that I would be a bad mom and treat my baby like garbage. I think now she doesn't think that because I'm like super mom.. I'm always making sure my son is well taken care of and happy. I expect a lot out of myself and thats why I do it. When ppl would say that they want to steal my baby and how their going to take him home with them.. It offends me. I get it my babies adorable but it gets to me because I love my baby so much more than anyone could ever know. I just feel like I have competition or something.. like his grandmother thinks she can do a better job than me or something. 
Grandmothers think different. My mother in law babysits my daughter and when we go over for dinner during Holidays she takes the baby away from me. I don’t get offended because I know she’s just supper happy to be with my baby however I’m sure another person would find this offensively.I want my daughter to learn how to Love and if I make this a big deal it will just create problems and that’s not what I want to teach my daughter.As a loving person I even call my sister’s kids my baby’s because I Love them all.I would say don’t take it personal -grandma’s think they know more because they’re older but that’s not always the case. Let your son be loved by others and enjoy every moment, take lots of pictures.
To me that is completely normal! My whole family is like that, and it's not that they wanna take my babies away, they just really love my kids. My mom calls both of my daughters "Baby" and I am fine with that, she knows they aren't her babies, but they are her babys babies. I honestly think all grandmas are like that. I wouldn't take it to seriously, she just loves your son, and wants to spend time with him, is that really a bad thing? And sometimes moms can be pushy, and controlling, but the only reason she is giving you advice is because shes your mom. She wants you to make good decisions with your son, but it's only because she loves you both so much. I do the same thing with my kids, constantly telling my daughter how do things, but it's not because I don't think she is smart enough to do things on her own. I just want to show her, and I want to help her, because I love her.
coming from a southern family i was acccustomed to my family grabbing a child from their parent's arms the second they walk through the door and the parent not having to do anything the whole time they were there. my husband was not accustomed to this as he is a yankee and from a very under dog type family where he needed to show his control over every situation. he had to learn as i think you will with time, they just want to help.i saw it as taking a break from burping(which i cant do) and diapers lol. relaxation for a few hrs(as i watched from the corner of my eye lol)
Thanks everyone for clearing that up for me. That helped me a lot!! I won't assume that anymore.. I just needed a different perspecitive from grandparents. :)
She's my fiance's mom
She's my fiance's mom

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