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Is it normal to have no morning sickness whatsoever?

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I am 34 years old and am terrified because I have virtually no symptoms of pregnancy. I have tender breasts and find myself going to bed a little earlier. I will start my 8th week tomorrow. I had a vaginal ultrasound done last week when I was 6 weeks and 6 days. It showed a heartbeat and I was excited. However, my doctor told me most women my age miscarry their first child and he recommended against sharing the news with anyone. I am terrified since I don't have morning sickness his statement may be true!

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that doc was just being a huge jerk! my grandmother didn't think she could get pregnant until she was 34 and she gotpregnant with my mom. she had three big healty girls, the last one she had at 39! doctors don't have faith in our bodies ability to bear children hal the time. maybe you should consider seeing a midwife. its perfectly normal to not have morning sickness yet. you can have it as early as 6 weeks or as late as 5months. consider yourself lucky. i threw up 3-5 times daily from when i was 2 months til i was 6 months pregnant! you don't want to go through that. also my mom never threw up once with either of her pregnancies and my brother and i are perfectly healthy.
My morning sickness was nothing more then dry heves... which is worse sometimes i think.  It started about the time I was 6 weeks pregnant, with being a little extra hungry in the morning and if I didn't eat then I would throw up or by body would try to, then for a few weeks like clock work every morning no matter what I ate or when I would dry heve, sometimes while i was in the shower, it contunited till I was about 6 months along.  Some women never have morning sickness, others like my sister have it the whole 40 weeks!  It depends on you, and your body.  I wouldn't be worried at all. 
With my 4 yr old I was NEVER SICK ... honestly other than no period I would have never know I was preggo until like 20 weeks when I felt him moving really well had we not been trying to conceive. I had no cravings (other than apples ... which is not odd), no weight gain until 20 weeks, no excessive tiredness, NOTHING. I am a RN in Labor & Delivery and have been for 6 yrs (2 yrs at the time of my 1st pregnacy) ... some women are just blessed and others puke everyday for 9 mths. I am now 8 weeks preggo with #2 and have been "sick" several times ... every pregnancy and every person is different... the moral of my story is to say try not to stress ... sounds like you are one of the "lucky ones" ... good luck! I hope this helps to ease your mind a little.
Every pregnancy is different. No matter what anybody tells you, you don't have to have morning sickness. I've felt fine all through out my pregnancy. :)
Yes, It is completely normal to have no symptoms, or very little symptoms. The tender breasts is a symptom though. I am on my second pregnancy with my first I had all the syptoms especially morning sickness, it sucked. But with this one, no morning sickness at all. I just get hungry faster, and have to eat or my stomach hurts. Do not worry, if you hear a heartbeat, take it easy, go to your regular check ups. You should be fine. Congrats!! Hope and wish you the best of luck!
I would insist on getting a different doctor, that is completely false and no doctor should ever install fear on their patients ESPECIALLY a pregnant one. Stress is bad for the baby, you got to hear the heartbeat :) that is a really good sign. I am in my second pregnancy and have had little to no symptoms both times. I'm tired more and hungry more (in week 14), but other than that no m/s no tender breast, nothing and my baby is moving around in there happily and healthily (i bought a doppler to use at home for the heartbeat and i feel my baby quickening!!) I would not stress about it at all, relax get lots of rest drink lots of fluid and celebrate this new life you've created :))Congratulations!
I had an amazingly healthy pregnancy with twins. I had no morning sickness and was full of energy the entire time!  I carried 37 1/2 weeks without bed rest. My girls were incredibly healthy at 5 lb 13 oz. and 6 lb 8 oz.  I was 43 years old when they were born. 34 is still young!!!  Best of luck to you!
I just want to add a theory. When I was pregnant with my now teenage son at age 20, I was very I'll. I was vomiting all the time for months and looked like death. His dad's blood type was B+ and mine is the complete opposite, A-. My son's turned out to be AB+. I had to have 5 Rh immune-globulin shots during my pregnancy to reduce my antibody levels. My current, better upgrade, husband's blood type is A+. I'm pregnant with my second child at age 38 and I've had little to no morning sickness and have yet to have my antibody levels even fluctuate. Maybe the blood type has something to do with the severity of the morning sickness. Just a thought. :)
Change Doctor immediately. Don't worry, I had HG 1st time round and practically no morning sickness in 2nd. Find yourself a midwife, they are pregnancy & birth specialists . A GP knows a very limited amount on a wide variety of ailments And you GP sounds like an ar**hole. Good Luck to you & Bump x

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