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Is it normal to not want her to come out?

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The last few weeks ive thought of nothing than how bad i want my daughter in my arms. Ill be 40 weeks on thurs and all of a sudden im so scared that i wont know what to do. I dont want my belly to go away. I guess i just want her to stay in. Is this normal?

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It's common, especially if you're a first-time mom. Try not to worry, your baby will come when she's ready and you'll love her. Having a new baby is always a little scary, even for mama's of multiple kids. But, you'll figure everything out pretty quickly, newborns aren't that complicated.
I am a first time mama, just nervous i guess. I have lots of support and everything, just unsure about how to feel. Thanks for the reassurance! :)
The night I gave birth, after I nursed my baby for the first time and thay took her to the nursey for a bath, I cried because I looked down at my belly and it was gone. I was so used to feeling my baby inside me that I didn't know what to do. I still miss being pregnany 9 months later...even though I was so miserable for most of my pregnancy. Every once in a while I feel a phantom kick!You'll do fine when she comes. When things get overwhelming those first few days/weeks just remember it gets easier. And do not be afraid to ask family and friends to help. I bet the people you are close to will love coming over every few days to snuggle that baby while you catch a nice bath and some "me" time!
I really wanted to have my daughter early and not go over my due date. I was 10 days away and my water broke. All of a sudden I was like "Im not so sure about this anymore" but at that point I did not have a choice.  I was just nervous about having to actually be a mom (something I thought I never wanted to do) and it scared me. Also I was scared about what labor was really going to be like. It was not that bad it hurt but once the baby is out you forget about it for the most part. I forgot enough to do it a second time (no meds both times)

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