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Is it normally to get cramps down low when you are walking?

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This is my 3rd child and all my kids came early.My first came 2weeks early and my 2nd came at 36weeks.I am now 34weeks and everytime I walk around for alittle while I will start having bad cramps down low and they even feel like it starts to run down my legs and I was wondering if it could just be because she is so low or what.I have been having the braxton hicks but it does not feel like the real ones yet.Any Ideas

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If you have a history of going into labor early - I would see your dr. and ask for an internal exam. They say although every pregnancy is different, usually if you have had it happen with previous pregnancies, your chances are higher to go into labor early again.  Make sure to rest as much as you can (I know that is hard with 2 other kids) because being more active with those kind of symptoms can put you at risk for pre-term labor as well.  Good luck, hope everything goes well!
That happened to me for 2 weeks before I had my daughter. My doctor said it is just the pressure from her getting in position. But it felt like she was ready to shove on through. I agree with ambera17 though with your history of pre-term labor you should get with your doctor. Good Luck!
Your doctor will be already aware of your history of pre-term labour, well they should know if they don't. The pains are very normal. It's happens to me through all 3 of my pregnancies. In your next doctor visit do make it aware. Don't get too excited though as each pregnancy  (and delivery) is different. For me my first two were early (not preterm) and my last one I went into labour on my due date. Be aware and patient as it's very hard to do.

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