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Is it ok to be at a smoky campfire when pregnant?

4 answers
I am 7 months pregnant - just wondering if the smoke you breathe in at a campfire is harmful to the baby?

answers (4)

ask the doctar before to find out
sorry my computer sucks makes me spell everything wrong ugh!
I don't think a little will hurt but I wouldn't risk it. But then again, any kind of smoke bothers me.
it's fine, just don't sit or stand close to it. there are millions of pregnant women that smoke cigarettes, and most of the time, their babies come out just fine. i know a girl that smoked a pack a day throughout her pregnancy, and her baby was 9 lbs at birth. healthy as a horse. i'm not advocating this by any means.  it's a mother's choice, but not a healthy one.

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