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is it ok to have a glass of wine occasionally

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it depends if your pregnant then know if your not then its fine
*no sorry i spelled that wrong
I recommend not even going down that path.  I hear some doctors tell their patients that this is ok, but why not shoot for the best possible nutrition for your baby?  You are only pregnant for a short period of time in the grand scheme of things, so why not just hold off for a bit.  If, God forbid, there were complications with your newborn, you would spend a lot of time wondering if your actions contributed to the problem.  Believe me, I have experienced some of this as a mother of 3.  Find a fun drink or goodie to replace the wine for now and I think you will be glad you did! 
NO , not at all. It is better to stay away from that stuff while your pregnant , it can give the babies disorders.
NO WAY AND NEVER!!!  No one should drink alcohol during pregnancy or while breast feeding.  Why would you risk the health and development of your baby?  My suggestion...get some non-alcoholic sparkling cider until after your pregancy if you need to feel like you are drinking wine or champagne.  Best wishes!
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