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Is it ok if I go to a loud rock concert when I'm pregnant?

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At 12 weeks i went to Warped tour, 20 i saw 30 Seconds to Mars and at 22 weeks i saw The word alive, any more than 30 weeks i wouldn't because the baby can hear and you would probably be uncomfortable. Hope this helps :)
At mid term my baby would move and respond to loud noises. I was at the movies and it got loud and I felt her get startled and move. So depending how far along you are, you might not want to go. Ask your doctor to be sure.   
Yes, it is perfectly safe to go to a loud concert. It might make the baby move a lot and you might get nauseaus, but it's still safe. I would not do any jumping, but the music itself won't harm the baby. I tried to go to a concert when I was 21 weeks and I got sick because of the crowd and music, but everyone has different experiences. Do what you think is best! Good luck :)

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