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Is it ok to isolate a child with allergies?

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My son who has peanut allergy just started 3yr preschool. I think the school has a great program for watching out for kids with allergies. They send letters out to other parents, warning them to not pack peanut butter lunches. They also have protocols for administering treatment in case of symptoms. The one thing I am not sure about is that they have him eat by himself while the other kids eat with other kids. I appreciate what they are trying to do but my son is painfully shy and I feel this may affect him socially. Should I tell the teacher to treat him like the rest?

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Talk to the teacher. It may be a safety protocol, in case a child does bring peanuts or peanut products and shares. See if there is a way to keep a close eye on your son and the kids he sits with. If not, there may not be a good solution.

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