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Is it ok to let a 2 yr old cry,scream&bang around after waking?

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The 2 yr. old is my neighbor. I'm concerned that letting the young girl scream, bang back and forth in her crib? and crying for sometimes over an hour after waking is not good for her. The family dynamics are less than ideal. The parents fight a lot. Screaming at each other while the 2 yr old is in the same room. Swearing at each other, etc. The girl seems happy when I see her outside the home.......I guess I'm just worried about the girl. Any answers would be great. Thanks. I'm not a parent myself, yet.

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Wow, what a difficult situation. No, it is not healthy for a 2 yo to cry and bang around in her crib for over an hour. This is neglect. Contact your local Child Protective Services and present them with a "hypothetical" situation describing your situation. They may be able to offer help. God bless you.
Thank you for answering.  Sometimes I think the parents just "check out" even though I realize that they may feel overwhelmed.   I'll try your suggestion.  Thanks again.

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