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is it ok to now start dieting & excersing? & what's best to do.?

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hi everyone well now that i've had my son & all that i hate the way my body look's yah it was all woth it but when i was prego i was very big and now i just look plain fat! i wanna loose weight but dont have much time now that the baby's here im alway's bizzy! my babydaddy's always's working so i don't have anyone to help bby sit my dad dosen;t want anything to do with me my mom's always working my mother in law broke her arm! so i wanna know what excerise's can i do or anything so i can loose weight any advice is great thank's & also my son doesnt reallly like the formula by gerber so what other formula can i use.? he just throw's it up right away also, sometimes i get a little mad when he won't stop cryying any advice on what i can do to not get mad i love my bbaby!

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I do not know where you live but if it is not too cold going for walks is a good exercise. You should wait until you are 6 weeks and the doctor gives you the clear to resume activity. I would talk to his doctor about what to feed as he could be having a sensitivity to milk and you make have to go with a soy based one. Talk to the doctor before making to many changes. It could also be why he is fussy the formula is hurting his belly.
Are you not breastfeeding? I know it can be difficult but it's worth trying. At the very least, because this is your first baby you need to wait until your 6 week check-up before starting any exercise. Once you know that you're healthy and everything is ok you'll need to start out slow, with somethign easy like walking. If it's not too cold you can even take your baby out for walks.As far as formula goes, I like Earth's Best. It's organic and my son never had any problems with it. But, you should check with your pediatrician to make sure ypur son doesn't need a special formula.
yes i am but it hurt's still, & yeah my doctor told me but just thought i'd see if i could do anything,. and i think i'd rather wait because it's raining were i live and very very cold,..and yah v where would they sell those i have an app. this friday with his prediatrition

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